About Taiyo Medical

TAIYO MEDICAL INSTRUMENT CO.LTD   Founded in 2005 The company manufactures and Sell Dental Unit, X-Ray. Dental  and dental instruments of all kinds under the trademark ” TAIYO . The company manufactures products to meet the needs of dentists Clinics and hospitals across the country involved in dentistry. With the intention of producing a quality product, we have meticulously all stages from raw material selection Standards ,Research Tech Coast challenges of  modern technology and the use of quality products to suit the needs of dentists. The manufacturingmodern technology with all the quality control process of production.

Vision of company 

The company is committed to being a producer, distributor. Specialist Dental Unit and one-third of the country and ASEAN in 2559.This is to ensure that the dental unit must be a unit. ” The Best Dental Unit is safest. Best Quality  With technology from JAPAN